The cost of leaks and water damage

Water leaks around the Home: During winter at the majority of our work comes from leaks within the home and the water damage they make.

How can you tell if water is leaking?

As a home or rental property owner it is important to deal with leaks fast before the damage builds up. Usually depending on the source of the leak there are signs.

Signs you have a leak:

  • A large water bill, this can indicate issues with your plumbing
  • Noises from your pipes could be a sign that your pipes are loose
  • Unpleasant odor, this can be caused by a clogged pipe or broken sewer
  • Damp Walls or ceilings and floors could be a sign of roof leaks, leaking pipes or bathware
  • Poor water pressure may be an indication that you have a leak before the tapware
  • Poor water quality can be caused by degraded pipes or a leak
  • Over flowing gutters, these can cause excess water to seep in through the roof or the walls

How to check for a leak:

A simple way to check for leaks is to turn off all appliances and taps inside and outside your home and then check if your water meter is moving. You could also take the meter reading before you leave the house after switching all water off and check again a couple of hours later. A check like this will give you an indication of a slower less obvious leak.

How to prevent a leak:

There are some simple things you can do to avoid some of these from happening:

  • Empty your shower trap regularly because buildup of debris can loosen the pipes which will overflow into surrounding areas
  • Have your gutters and downpipes regularly cleaned especially if you have internal fascia
  • Clear your drains in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry regularly by using an over the counter drain cleaner or try a natural remedy like baking soda and vinegar
  • Its worth maintaining your roof very couple of years if it’s iron and checking it after storms, particularly check for leaks in your roof space after a storm

Do you have a query about a water leak? Give us a call or send us a message. At Maintain to profit South East Auckland we are only too happy to help and advise.

This is a photograph from one of our jobs. Unfortunately the source of the leak was in the plumbing behind the bath and it was undetected for quite some time. This would have easily been noticed by apply our checks, doing so would have saved the owners on the cost and extent of the repair work.

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