Renovation in Coxhead, South East Auckland

The Renovations Team have been at it again, working hard to build the homes of peoples’ dreams. This time, it’s was a home in Coxhead, South East Auckland that got the honor.

This home was overdue for an interior renovation, and it’s deck wasn’t exactly up to standard either, so the customer decided that a spruce up was in order. The colors were outdated, the carpet lifting, and most surfaces were worn down.

Coxhead_home_renovation_before_3 Coxhead_home_renovation_before_4 Coxhead_home_renovation_before_5 Coxhead_home_renovation_before_1 Coxhead_home_renovation_before_2

Our renovations team got in there and worked their magic to create a whole new environment. All the rooms including living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom received a makeover, and the deck got an update to match. A whole new color scheme was introduced, making use of a white base and bright colors to bring some life and a modern touch to the home.

Coxhead_home_renovation_after_6 Coxhead_home_renovation_after_7 Coxhead_home_renovation_after_8 Coxhead_home_renovation_after_1 Coxhead_home_renovation_after_2 Coxhead_home_renovation_after_4Coxhead_home_renovation_after_3

As you can see, the improvement is grand and the home owner agrees, sending us this testimonial:

“Ramin and his team were trustworthy and reliable, keeping the vacant property secure while the renovation was underway. The quote was returned quickly. The team worked hard to complete the project within agreed timeframes. Any issues that arose, were discussed and resolved quickly. I was pleased with the quality and workmanship of the renovation. I am happy to recommend Maintain To Profit Renovations to you and will be calling on their services again.

Helen Brosnan
Property and Planning Solutions Limited

If you would like your home renovated, or would just like to consult with us about doing so, contact us today and let’s get started on your project.

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