Latest South Auckland Renovation

Ramin Tavakoli and his team can turn your tired worn out house into an inviting people friendly home once again.

Ramin and his team are passionate about good quality work delivered to the highest of standards. He is known to customers as a friendly and dedicated person with great expertise. He can help you achieve well considered, global, modern design in your home.

An example of Ramin’s work is found below. This property was tired, very tired and desperately needed an injection of modern and style to bring it back to its best. Ramin and his team were asked to complete a full renovation on this house in Kirkbride Road, Mangere.

The Kitchen 

The kitchen was well past its’ best. An original from when the house was built, it had seen many a family meal and was outdated and impractical for family life today. There wasn’t enough storage space, the counter tops were small and it was peeling and flaking.

Ramin’s result: A modern functioning kitchen with plenty of counter space and storage. New appliances and a funky splash of colour on the back wall brought this kitchen back to life.  Ramin stripped the old cracked lino and sanded and polished the native timber floorboards giving an easy to clean, durable flooring solution  great for a high traffic zone.

The Laundry

Another tired and worn out room. There was nothing inviting about the laundry and it felt small and depressing. The wash tub had suffered water damage over the years and the base was swollen. The walls were crying out for fresh paint.

Ramins result: The old shelving, the board to hide the plumbing and the water swollen tub were removed. A new sink was installed and ducting for a dryer added to the outside wall. The walls were painted and the old lino was removed to show the floor boards which were sanded and polished. The room is now light and airy and is a modern practical space.

The Toilet

The toilet room in this house was old and tired. The walls were knocked about with ingrained dirt simply from the course of time.

Ramin’s Result: A fresh coat of paint and new tile flooring uplifted this small room. A new toilet unit completes the look making the room modern, sleek and fresh.

The Bathroom

Dusty, dank with hazardous mould lurking on most surfaces. This bathroom was no place to keep yourself clean. It was uninviting and poorly designed.

Ramin’s Result: A fresh coat of paint instantly brought the bathroom into modernity. Replacing the bath with a sleek clean shower box and a new vanity unit removed all the old grime and mould build up. The vanity provides storage as well as practicality. The flooring was replaced with the same tiles as the toilet room tying the rooms together and providing a practical waterproof floor.

The Hallway

The hallway had peeling old fashioned wallpaper. The carpet had seen better days. It was an uninviting runway to the rooms leading from it.

Ramins Result: The layers of wallpaper was removed and the walls spotfilled and painted with the same fresh colour used throughout the house. The carpet was removed and the floorboards sanded and polished. This is a much more practical flooring for a high use area. The hallway is fresh and rejuvenated.

The Lounge and Bedrooms

These rooms were not in bad repair but just tired and worn out as per the rest of the house. They were uninviting with old paintwork and worn carpets.

Ramins Result: The pelmets at the top of the room were removed. Once upon a time these were a fashion statement – but not anymore and only served to age the room. The walls were painted with the same wall colour as the rest of the house and the carpet replaced with brand new carpet. This resulted in clean modern rooms ready for furnishings and family life.

  Ramin’s client was thrilled with the result. “Ramin project managed a full renovation on our house for us. He is a polite and courteous man who provided us with professional advice and service. The house looks great.” – Norman Tuatagaloa Undertaking a renovation project is a significant investment, so it pays to choose the best. Ramin and his team will:

  • Complete your job right the first time.
  • Ensure that your dreams are accurately translated into reality
  • Understand that your comfort during the project and its successful completion depend on effective communication
  • Maintain a safe and reasonably neat jobsite to prevent damage to your home or injury to household members and pets.
  • Provide the best possible materials within your budget.
  • Ensure the job meets or exceeds applicable building codes and regulations.
  • Guarantee the quality of the work.
  • Respond promptly to service calls and inquiries.

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