How To Comfortably Work From Home

As many offices are still shut all over the country (and the world), a lot of us are dipping our toes into the waters of working from home.

Despite the worry of the global pandemic, working from home sounds pretty great, right?

After all, there is a super short commute to the “office”, you can work in your pyjamas and the fridge is just down the hall.

But, once you get stuck into it, you start to discover that working from home is nothing like working at your desk in the office.

The set up isn’t the same and the distraction level is huge!

So, what can you do?

Well, Maintain To Profit have all the best ways that you can create the ultimate office setup from home. After all, many of us will be working from home long term now.

Why You Need A Home Office

At the beginning of the lockdown period, the dining table might have been a great spot to work. Possibly because it was the only spare space in the house.

But as the weeks stretch on, you start to realise the drawbacks. It’s noisy, you get interrupted all-the-time, and it is not ergonomically friendly. There is even the potential it is giving you a sore back or a sore neck.

You need a proper office space.

Because you can’t transport your corporate workspace to your home, it is time to recreate it… but make it better! That way, you can work efficiently from the comfort of your house without any of the risks to your health and wellbeing.


Creating The Perfect Home Office Space

A designated home office space is important for a number of reasons:

  • It gives you a focused place to get through your To-Do List
  • You can maintain a good work/life balance by closing the door at the end of your set work hours. It can be tempting to do “one more job” if your workspace is in the middle of your living area.
  • It can be set up especially for your own optimum comfort – that means ergonomically designed for you. No more sore backs!
  • Form the habit of having a new place to work. Let’s face it, many of us will be working from home for months or even permanently. Having a designated space for this means increased productivity and efficiency.

But, how do you do it?

Sure, you could plonk a desk in the corner of your spare room, but that isn’t going to be the optimum setup. The team at Maintain To Profit have been creating purpose built workspaces for years. We know how to construct the ultimate home office space that works perfectly for your own individual needs.

Simply give us a call today to find out how we can help you create a zone of productivity. We are able to work throughout the level 3 restrictions, adhering to all government protocol for safety during this time.

We are able to offer an online consultation option via Zoom. This would work by you walking us through the space you are thinking of using for your home office. We can then provide a quote and scope of services based on that. We are also still able to visit your home (following social distancing protocol) if this is the option you prefer.

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