Benefits of renovating your home

Why Renovate your home?

Kiwis love a good renovation and there are few better markets in the world to achieve gain than Auckland. There could be many reasons why you would want to renovate your home. You may want to add value to your property, add more space to your home, add rental value or simply create a more modern and comfortable space.

It’s important to choose the right renovation team to do your work. Always research contractor feedback as you could end up with poor quality of work or being out of pocket. Always go with a team who you feel that you can trust with your most precious commodity.

Financing a renovation can come from your own pocket, or you can speak to the bank. Banks are aware of the reward and value of renovations and it straightforward to seek further finance to fund the cost of your project. With a great team who  provide a start to finish quote with no surprises it will be a straightforward process. Any contractor worth using will be able to provide you with a final of cost before the renovations begin.

Which renovations add Value?

It’s no secret that the most important areas of your home to renovate are the kitchen and bathroom. You can achieve a simple fresh and modern kitchen to suit your taste for as little as $15,000 including appliances. When it comes to kitchens costs can go as high as you want if you are wanting a more tailored and specific look for your home. Remember that there is a threshold to the value you can add with a new kitchen.  It is important to consider the threshold value if you choose a more expensive kitchen, which is specific to the area you live in.

How much does a kitchen Renovation cost?

The budget for this kitchen was around $17,000, the change is dramatic and they increased the sale value.

Our clients at this property had slightly more to spend around $28,000 for the kitchen. The clients  removed a wall and extended the kitchen area with an extra cost of around $15,000. New flooring was put down and top of the line cabinetry was installed.



The value added to these properties was more than double the cost of the kitchens. It is definitely worth researching what you can do with your budget.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

The average bathroom starts around $12,000 this includes the removal of the old bathroom right to the final painting.

This customer had us renovate their house prior to selling. They had an expected selling time of 6- 8 weeks prior to renovation. After renovating, the property was sold in less than a week for $75,000 more than they expected to sell for. The total cost of their renovation was $60000, they made more than double what they thought.

Renovating on a budget

If you are wanting to get your house refreshed we recommend replacing carpets and giving your house a fresh coat of interior paint. The cost of doing this for an average 3 bedroom house is around $5,000 for carpets and $10,000 for painting. It’s always advisable to keep your colour scheme neutral if you are thinking of selling your property, as a blank canvas is more attractive to the wider market. If selling is the reason that you are renovating then staging your home can also add value. There are many companies that stage your home around Auckland and while it can be costly the reward is greater than the loss.

Can Renovations increase Value?

Manurewa Renovation- We can give you two examples of customers who have achieved great success by renovating  with us. The first client bought their home in Manurewa for $590,000 the house was in average condition and they wanted a little more comfort. They came to us with their renovation plans, we set out exactly what was required to maximise their budget. They completed a full renovation on the property for around $70,000 and were delighted with the results. The client had a valuation done on their property after the renovation and the new value was $740,000, the client was needless to say delighted and we are very happy with their home.

Howick Renovation – The second client in Botany bought their property for $750,000 and came to us for renovation. We worked together with the client and our team to make the most out of their $90,000 budget. The house was stunning after the renovation and a valuation put their home at $1,050,000

We recommend that putting extra money into the renovation will usually more than double the cost of the project if you were to sell.

At Maintain To Profit South East Auckland we have many examples like this in our portfolio. We are happy to share our experience with you if you interested in a home renovation. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and achieving the highest standards of work whether it’s large or small we can make a plan for every budget. Whatever you put into your property you will see a reward, whether it is pleasure or financial. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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